My life calling, the thing I want to do with my life, is church ministry. Throughout my life, I have been encouraged by being told that we are never too young to pursue ministry. To start, I want to give a summary of my pursuits in ministry.

13 years old
The first year I realized that I wanted to do church ministry, I started playing guitar in my church’s band.

14 years old
My second year I did ministry, I helped vamp up my school’s Christian Union, being a main speaker for a group that averaged around 150-200 people every Wednesday morning.

15 years old
My third year in ministry, I tried to help a small church grow by implementing a youth group. I had three outreach events, averaging 20 people.

16 years old
After four years of doing ministry, I started to decline my interest a little and stopped going to the small church. I was looking for a church to pour into during this time, and after going to a church camp, my desire for doing ministry was brought back up, full throttle, and I refused to ever feel down about it again.

17 years old
After a big student conference, I got plugged in at a decent sized church in my town (about 600 people), and started pouring into the students there through the music team, and some small groups.

18 years old
After showing my faithfulness to the church, they offered me a paid intern position to work with the student ministry over the summer. This was my first paid opportunity to pour into the church, but certainly not my last.

19 years old
Throughout the year, I was hired by a church to be the paid student intern. Over the summer, I served as a paid intern for a church plant, and helped plant a town-wide student ministry.

20 years old
As a student intern for a para-church organization, I planted a ministry for the football team at my University.

21 years old
Was offered a part time paid opportunity to lead music at another church in town, once a month.

You are NEVER too young to pursue ministry. From 13 to now, I have been pouring into the local church, and my life and soul feel extremely satisfied from it. If you think that you are on Earth to work at a local church, then let me encourage you to get started right away. Pursuing ministry doesn’t get in the way of doing other important/fun things. While doing all of the things listed, I still went to school, played football at the collegiate level (small school), and got married.